In Bed


 » In bed « 

Written by Lydia Frost . 80 pages -digital color / hard cover + 5 pages of skeet research  by JP Kalonji – style graphic novel (mature reader.).French speaking.

Publisher : Editions Delcourt © ( FR ) collection MIRAGES .

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Les Autres .

Client : Association Stop Suicide. ( CH )

The launching evening for the website and the online Video Here.

About the graphic novel and the project behind it.–––Here. ( French  language )

Les Autres /graphic novel . release october 2013.

( 55 pages- color tone –hard cover/co written with 5  Swiss (french )associations  for the prevention against youth suicide problems.)

Kalonji Artbook / Trinquétte publishing

Trinquétte publishing 2013 © U.S

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Futago / limited edition- ( french speaking )

This is a short graphic novel of sixteen pages black & white published by Nethoprod ©

Here is couples of sketches and one the page of the short novel.




SN2 -Teaser / limited edition (french speaking ).

Some examples of the pages inside the limited short comics…  sixteen pages teaser of the different chapter i would like to talk about and draw for a future graphic novel called  » Street Nation vol.2″

published by Nethoprod ©

Artbook / Magnitude 9. CFSL INK publishing © ( FRA ).-Illustration for the Japan.










The story behind this illustration .

 » The inspiration for draw this tragedy came from a famous photo taken during  the Second World War in the Pacific . Some U.S marines raising the American flag on mount Suribachi during the battle of island Iwo Jima . Its  sad to at the end to use such dramatic example …but at the end i thought it was the best idea for this moment . Japanese people give us a lesson  to keep faith and never give up in those dramatic moments when life turn into chaos.  »

 » Sun will rise and shine again in the far east .

jp Kalonji


Tr!ckster -Independant -Publisher Scott Morse & Ted Mathot ©.

Art Book -Limited copy .

Colère Noire

Written by Roland Godel – Illustrated by Jp Kalonji . French speaking.

Swiss Publisher / Editions OSL © .

D’un Monde à l’Autre

Swiss Publiser / Editions LA JOIE DE LIRE © – Children Book .

French speaking.

Written by Daria Michel Scotti – Illustrations by JP Kalonji.