Bal du Printemps 2015/ Kalonji jean philippe

I’m invited has artist to The prestigious 17th Bal du Printemps who will take place at the Halle Sécheron in Geneva, on Friday, 20 March, 2015.
On the programme: champagne cocktail / aperitif, surprise show, gala dinner, auction sale, live concert and a DJ.



Welcome by Philippe Boissonnas, President of the Bal du Printemps, General Secretary of IRP
Address by Professor Pierre Magistretti, Chairman of the IRP Foundation Board
Testimony of a paraplegic person, interviewed by Muriel Siki.

Photo by Christian Pfahl ©.

Exhibition -Cafe du Cinema ( CH )

Homage of the black an white classic movie .Venue at Carouge Le cafe du Cinema .

Seven limited pieces drawings ( watercolor ,charcoal, ) plus canvas painting will be exposed during a short period . from the 20th of February until the 5th of March.

( Below a glimpse and a close up of the pieces who will be exposed. )



Angoulême 2015 / international bandes dessinée festival.


planning angou 2015Signing session of my graphic novel IN BED  published by the Editions Delcourt © .on the collection Mirages. the 4 days of the festival during the hours of signing.


Kalonji-Nemiri 2015 Exhibition-Glénat gallery

Signing session/ LYON 2014

Signing at EXPERIENCE the Notorious Graphic novel & comic book store -Bande dessinée & pop culture With Babouche another a french comic author .

Expérience book store is located in the heart of the place Antonin Poncet in the great city of Lyon (FR.)

Graphic novel : In bed  Delcourt Editions © ( Mirages Collection ). written by Lydia Frost – Art by Kalonji.

French resume /

Le vendredi 28 novembre la librairie accueille Cédric babouche pour le chant du cygne t1 Chez LOMBARD & JPKalonji pour in bed chez DELCOURT,
ou comment passer du lit aux tranchées avec grâce…


In bed

« New York. Un hôtel près de Central Park. Par la fenêtre de la chambre, une bouteille de vin et des verres, un couple qui s’enlace fiévreusement. Mais la réalité reprend lentement ses droits. Il se lève. Elle, sur le lit, fume en souriant. Elle l’embrasse longuement. Il la repousse fermement. Elle lui tend un bouquet. Un bouquet qui n’est pas pour elle, mais pour Julia, l’épouse de son amant. »

Les Autres – Success of the website launch party.

Here is a glimpse of  the great evening  in the space of the Go Out magazine in Geneva .Stop Suicide association invited some officials of the D.I.P of Geneva ( department of instruction of culture and sport ) for the launch  of their new website ,since the graphic novel is available in the library of all the schools of Geneva state has a tool of prevention against youth suicide .

The website is online here « Les Autres  » ( translation The Others).

Photos : By Fabien Hoyos ©.

Antropo café -Men Museum

Association-STOP SUICIDE Geneva /client.

A glimpse of the evening party for celebrate,

the release of the graphic novel  » Les autres  » against youth suicide .

( french speaking , soon in english online on their website)

Client : Association Stop Suicide / Geneva. 2013 ( CH )

Photo by . Fabien Hoyois ©

Exhibition Collectif MAM -Gallery Galartis 12th of september-5th october Lausanne ( CH ).


Am proud to be a part of the new Collective called MAM.

Lets meet the 12th of september at the Gallery GALARTIS (Lausanne CH ) venue and vernissage start at 18h00 to 20h30.i’ll be happy to meet you with my other friends artist for having good times and a walk about around our pieces.


Exhibition 4th of july until the 15th august / Gallery Papiers Gras. /Geneva Switzerland.