Les Autres – Success of the website launch party.

Here is a glimpse of  the great evening  in the space of the Go Out magazine in Geneva .Stop Suicide association invited some officials of the D.I.P of Geneva ( department of instruction of culture and sport ) for the launch  of their new website ,since the graphic novel is available in the library of all the schools of Geneva state has a tool of prevention against youth suicide .

The website is online here « Les Autres  » ( translation The Others).

Photos : By Fabien Hoyos ©.

Antropo café -Men Museum

Association-STOP SUICIDE Geneva /client.

A glimpse of the evening party for celebrate,

the release of the graphic novel  » Les autres  » against youth suicide .

( french speaking , soon in english online on their website)

Client : Association Stop Suicide / Geneva. 2013 ( CH )

Photo by . Fabien Hoyois ©

Exhibition Collectif MAM -Gallery Galartis 12th of september-5th october Lausanne ( CH ).


Am proud to be a part of the new Collective called MAM.

Lets meet the 12th of september at the Gallery GALARTIS (Lausanne CH ) venue and vernissage start at 18h00 to 20h30.i’ll be happy to meet you with my other friends artist for having good times and a walk about around our pieces.


Exhibition 4th of july until the 15th august / Gallery Papiers Gras. /Geneva Switzerland.

Kalonji / Exhibition the 4th of july – Gallery Papiers Gras Genève- CH

La Galerie Papiers Gras a le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage de l’exposition


( Aquarelles ,Peintures, illustrations , et une sélection des Planches originales du comics U.S / Ningen’s Nightmares ( Dark horse comics © ).

Vous pourrez aussi découvrir l’exposition annexe
les quelques originaux de :
Guillaume Long / Loustal / Moebius / Bess/ Rabate / T.Ott /.

LE JEUDI 4 JUILLET 2013 à 18h00.

à cette occasion , une petite fête est organisée dans la cour pour le lancement de L’ AGACH ( Association Genevoise des Acteurs Culturels des Halles de L’Ile ).

Les acteurs sont : ARCHIGRAPHY. La Librairie d’ Architecture et des arts graphiques . La Galerie Librairie Papiers Gras. & la Halle Nord Espace d’art contemporain.

Sismics Festival 2013 -Sierre Switzerland ./ Glimpse & photo report-exhibitions & signatures.

I share with you a glimpse of my lovely weekend with my wife Katia De Conti ( Professional children illustrator ) at the Sismics Festival 2013 – the festival is happening at the beautiful town of Sierre  2 ours of train from Geneva )Switzreland.

Its no doubt a very good Festival, a eclectic guest of artists invited not only (Comics artist ).We received a warm welcome from all the students of the Epac  School, and the voluntary workers. It was my first time at this Festival , the exhibition for the Moomins Homage had a great success including the other artists work exposed. invited.Good times ,new friendships,lots of fun, great signatures,i wish we can be invited again ^^.


A special Thanks to Cecilia Giovaninni & the entire Sismic’s Crew .

Jp Kalonji

Papiers Gras galerie librairie bd Geneva CH -signatures / Kalonji & Walder 25 mai.

Short selection & pictures of this great signing day at the gallery book store Papiers Gras last saturday 25th of may at  Geneva .

Photos report of Paris / signatures at -Pulp’s Art comics & art book store.

Sismics sierre Festival/ swiss comic art convention-May 27th -June the 2nd.

I’ll be at the festival the 27 of May to the 2nd of June.

I will signing two of my last release book.

-Ningen’s nightmares published by Dark Horse Comics © & my Art Book Kalonjiart published by Brand studio press ©.