2013 -Graphic Novel for a cause -Stop Suicide.CH

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On the top it’s the first sketch cover i did for my next commission project a graphic novel who will be published by the Association  Stop Suicide / Swiss branch.

” the title will probably change “.


I’ve been approach by two young professional Anne marie Trabichet & Lauranne Peman with a small dynamic  crew from the association Stop Suicide ( swiss branch ) for make a 60 pages  , color duo tone, graphic novel based on different experience and true story about this global problem who touch everybody beyond every nationality ” The suicide ” .

Why make a graphic novel  and talk about it ?

The taboo of suicide is unfortunately too much popular .

A shocking  example : There is more cause of death link to suicide worldwide then war, or act of terrorism and Homicide crimes. In Switzerland  1300-1400 people per year commit suicide. Its the first cause of death  for the 15 -29 years old in Swiss .

A graphic novel for inform , one little step…because we must break the taboo and ignorance around this worldwide problem who touch everybody.

We must speak about it !!

” I will keep you posted of the evolution of this graphic novel,sketches,characters ect… ”

Jp Kalonji