Despite thirty years of struggle for public recognition, domestic violence remains a murderous scourge in Switzerland. Between shame, guilt and the difficulty to obtain justice: testimonies show that many taboos remain for both women and men. I had a lot of trouble making these illustrations because of their emotional context. This is what I like the most about working with the Swiss newspaper Le Temps.
I invite you to discover the testimonials received by journalists Michel Guillaume, Sylvia Revello and Céline Zünd.

La Fabrique des Contes .MEG

Federica Tamarozzi ( curator of the exhibition. )So, in his exhibition « La fabrique des contes », the MEG doubles itself.
First he became a storyteller and tells eight stories from the traditional European repertoire in his own way. These stories, now more or less known, are staged in « theatres of
There are of course tales all over the world, but on the Old Continent their history is quite particular, since at the time of the birth of European ethnography, they were collected as an essential example of what we would call today the « intangible heritage ».
Many other institutions, including libraries, have already successfully embarked on the exercise of producing an exhibition on stories. Thus, it seemed obvious to us that if we wanted to look at the tale with the eyes of the ethnologist, we had to observe it from every angle, and not only when it was adorned with the shimmering « clothes » that a beautiful edition gives, a form that he nevertheless took on very early on.
the imaginary » that allow us to truly immerse ourselves in the tale and to free ourselves from the rules of the real world. In these spaces, the Museum uses its heritage collections in a suggestive way. Moreover, he entrusted the writer Fabrice Melquiot with the rewriting of a contemporary version of each of these stories, and commissioned the Italian Lorenzo Mattotti, the Frenchwoman Camille Garoche, the Flemish Carll Cneut and the Genevan Jean-Philippe Kalonji to illustrate them with original creations, drawings, paintings and cut-out papers.

The catalogue of the new exhibition « La Fabrique des Contes. « 2019-20 of the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève was produced by Editions La Joie de lire .

Le pantalon du diable .

Le pantalon du diable .
Le pantalon du diable .
Le pantalon du diable .
Le pain de marie.
Le pain de marie.

MAH saison 5

Rendez vous d’artistes 2020 . Résidence au musée d’art et d’histoires de Genève.

Study based on painting masters / Inkbrush pencil and ink color.

30 Ans de Droits de L’Enfant.Collective exhibition.

Ink washed color -Chromatics brown color.

Bite into childhood, group exhibition.

Galerie Papiers Gras and the Association 30 Ans de Droits de l’Enfant are pleased to invite you to the opening of the collective exhibition « Croquez l’Enfance », Thursday 17 January 2019 at 6pm.

To open the year of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the draughtsmen and draughtswomen of French-speaking Switzerland are gathered in a new sales exhibition. In pencil, felt pen, brush or ink, they sketch childhood and invite you into an abundant variation of styles and techniques to look at the child and his or her rights with poetry, tenderness or humour – and always with full consciousness.

6pm Welcome
Welcome by Marie-Gabrielle Cajoly, member of the Steering Committee of the Association 30 Years of the Rights of the Child
A word from Mrs Esther Alder, Administrative Advisor in charge of the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity
A word from Mrs. Emery-Torracinta, State Councillor in charge of the Department of Public Education, Training and Youth
Concluding remarks by Dr. h.c. Jean Zermatten and Prof. Philip Jaffé, co-founders of the 30 Years Association for the Rights of the Child.

With the participation of
Léandre Ackermann, Albertine, Aloys,
Oscar Baillif, Hélène Becquelin, Bénédicte,
Christophe Bertschy, Anne Bory, Constanza
Well done, Eric Buche, Ceppi, Chappatte, Megane
Chikhani, Nicolas Clemente, Katia de Conti,
Pitch Comment, Ludivine Cornaglia, Reto
Crameri, Anne Crausaz, Exemplary, Adèle Dafflon,
Olga Fabrizio, Mirjana Farkas, Fred Fivaz,
Catherine Grangier, Raphaèle Gygi, Gérald
Herrmann, Alex Howling, Joëlle Isoz, Jenay,
Kalonji, Cécile Koepfli, Denis Kormann, Marie
Lavis, Nikita Mandrika, Renata Martino, Popy
Matigot, Maurane Mazars, Malizia Moulin,
Sarah Najjar, Lorenz Ohrmer, Katia Orlandi,
Thomas Perrodin, Poussin, Isabelle Pralong,
Irène Schoch, Meryl Lynn Schmalz, Amélie
Strobino, Tassilo, Tom Tirabosco, Valott,
Camille Vallotton, Gaëlle Vejlupek, Pierre
Wazem, Zep

Hit the road jack.
Summer celebration.
Summer celebration 2.

Illustration HG /dec 2017.


Clients : Hopisce général / Genève. Illustration dos de couverture du journal des collaborateurs mille et une vies n°10 décembre 2017.

Back cover illustration of the employees’ journal Thousand and One Lives n°10 December 2017.