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  • kalonji dit :

    thanks a lot ^^

  • Fabian dit :

    How do you do this? Comics for iphone! I want to make something like that but don´t know how.

  • kalonji dit :

    i 've been approach by people here who can do this ! i will inform you about them and their technic.Am not really good on those kind of stuff! computer and programm ect…:-)

  • kalonji dit :

    you welcome for the comment 🙂 thks for appreciate my work take care

  • AstroGuaje dit :

    Incredible your works ¡
    Already I have created one link in my blog to be able to visit yours.

    Fantastic ¡

  • andres casciani dit :

    Hi! very strong caracters! love to meet them!

  • werther Dell'Edera dit :

    I've booked a copy of 365 samurai, I'm really curious!