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Musu’s Diary & Civitas Maxima Exhibition at The FIFDH 2019.

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Du 8 au 17 mars, nous exposerons au #FIFDH – le principal festival international dédié au cinéma et aux droits de l’homme – les bandes dessinées résultant de nos projets de sensibilisation au #Libéria. au Café Babel de l’Espace Pitoëff.

From the 8 to 17 March, we will be exhibiting at the #FIFDH – leading international festival dedicated to #film & #humanrights – #comics resulting from our outreach projects in #Liberia. @ the Café Babel at the Espace Pitoëff.

Civitas maxima

We are honored to participate in this year’s @fifdh. Come and see our cartoons realized by young Liberians! Through art, they reflect on what has happened during the civil wars, and how can Liberia move forward and heal.



A cartoon has incredible communicative power. It is a medium for social awareness that can be used to encourage change, spark debates, express anxiety, and inspire hope. This is why Civitas Maxima has a cartooning program, in collaboration with the Liberian Visual Arts Academy, and the Global Justice and Research Project: to encourage Liberian youth to explore their feelings through the medium of art.

Civitas maxima.