Serval & Kalonji au musée / Season 2 / Rendez vous d’artistes 2017.

Artist residency 2017 at the MAH.

Conférences & Rencontres

Post Tenebras Lux

Rendez-vous d’artistes – Serval & Kalonji au musée

Avec Lydia Frost (Genève), illustratrice, tatoueuse, écrivain et Olivier Bill (Genève), neurologue, flûtiste et danseur

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Entrée libre et sans réservation


Musée Rath


De 14h à 17h

Illustration agenda BMU / GE

Client : The BMU ( bibliothèque municipales de la ville de Genève ). illustration for the  cultural agenda of the library. -2017

TV interview 2016.

La puce à l’oreille

tournée au restaurant La Réplique, à Genève.

La famille Dimitri et L’Afrique

Comment Masha Dimitri va-t-elle prendre la relève de son père, le clown suisse célèbre disparu cet été ? réponse dans un spectacle qui fait une grande tournée romande, « DimiTrigenerations ».
On réunit la famille Dimitri pour en parler, ainsi que de l’Afrique et ses codes de drague. Comment est-ce qu’on se rencontre en Afrique aujourd’hui ? Quels sont les jeux de séduction ? La pièce mise en scène par Marielle Pinsard à St-Gervais, « On va tout dallasser Pamela », a été vue par le peintre et illustrateur Jean-Philippe Kalonji.

Diffusion: jeudi 3 novembre sur RTSUn, à 22h50
Rediffusion: vendredi 4 novembre sur RTSDeux, à 01h25 et 13h30
En replay sur le site RTS Puce à l’oreille dès le 4 novembre 


1rst session / Rendez vous d’artistes. residency at the MAH- 2016

poster MAH à 16.25.45Rendez vous d’artistes schedule residency.

Rendez-vous d’artistes.Musée d’Art et d’Histoire GENEVA 2016. /KALONJI & SERVAL

RENDEZ-VOUS D’ARTISTES Serval & Kalonji at the museum

Quite a few people make themselves comfortable in front of a painting or a sculpture and let their thoughts and ideas wander onto a small notebook in the form of a drawing…

Starting on the 17th of April, two Genevan artists, Serval and Jean-Philippe Kalonji will ritualize these moments of creation, by working one Sunday every month in the Musée d’art et d’histoire. As graffiti artist and illustrator respectively, they are both enamored with visual arts and painting in particular. Regulars at the Musée d’art et d’histoire, they have been coming for years to study and find inspiration. With Rendez-vous d’artistes, they take their relationship with the museum a step further by sharing their artistic research in the heart of the museum’s collections.

On the first Sunday of every month, from April to December, Serval and Kalonji will have work sessions where they question themselves, elaborate and create new works in the company of other artists and specialists of numerous backgrounds. The visitors of the museum are invited to share these moments and interact with the artists, as the museum’s spaces become a space dedicated to creation.

Rendez-vous d’artistes not only takes place within the framework of the Year of Illustration organized by the City of Geneva, but also following the Musée d’art et d’histoire’s desire to open its doors and create bridges with the contemporary
art scene. The project also aims to maintain the tradition of the museum as a veritable school of the arts : a place where the artworks exhibited serve as both inspiration and model to artists and craftsmen.



Each Rendez-vous takes place in the following manner :
2.00 pm-4.00 pm : art workshop 4.00 pm-5.00 pm : discussion and exchange

Sunday, April 17th

Sign Lake

With Victor Lopes,
painting conservator at the MAH Level 2, Konrad Witz Room

Sunday, May 1st


With Guy Mérat, artist, Level -1, Greece Room

Sunday, June 5th

White Cube

With Raphaël Pasquali, artist Level 2, 20th Century Room

Sunday, July 3rd

Mummy Dark

With Alyâa Kamel, Swiss- Egyptian painter
Level -1, Egypt Room

Sunday, August 7th

Room with a View

With Patrick Jazi Dunkel, painter and graphic designer
Level 2, Hodler Room (landscapes)

Sunday, September 4th

Luncheon on the Grass

With Martin Leer, Contemporary Literature professor at the University of Geneva and Catherine Grimm, painter Observatory Park

Sunday, October 9th

Army of Shadows

With Christian Nguyen, tattoo artist and illustrator
Level 0, Armoury Room

Sunday, November 6th

Draughtsman’s Contract

With Valentine Valp Pasche, artist and illustrator
Level 2, European Schools Room

Sunday, December 4th

Red Carpet

With Willem Speerstra, curator and gallerist, Speerstra Fondation and Camille Montandon, gallerist

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Médiation culturelle Du lundi au vendredi, de 9 à 12 heures
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Habitat&Jardin 2016. Lausanne Beaulieu.

Special  painting for the Fair Habitat & Jardin 2016 the painting will be exposed at the Bistronomique the cafe designed by Christophe Marchand  and hosted by the swiss chef Philippe Chevrier the Painting is a homage to the chef.

For any enquiries about the piece please contact Aarlouviggo gallery.

Media : oil,acrylic,pencilcolor,watercolor on Arches Paper. 200grm.

for further information please contact the  Next Door Gallery.